Hello. We’re Bertinet Bakery and we make proper sourdough bread.

Our multi award-winning loaves come in all shapes and sizes, made with a handful of the best flours, sea salt and water.  Never with any artificial preservatives or added sugars.  

Join our mission to bring better bread onto every table.

Sliced Sourdough

Real sourdough, shaped and sliced to make it easier to enjoy every day. We’ve crafted a softer sourdough loaf, that’s a perfect fit for the toaster and ideal for any sandwich.

Sourdough Loaves

Proper sourdough, handcrafted with a soft crumb, chewy texture and a crunchy crust. These loaves make a perfect centrepiece for the table, to share with friends and family.

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  • “In a different league”

  • “A stand-out loaf”

  • “You’ll struggle to find a finer sliced loaf”

  • “A favourite in my household”

  • “We loved these”

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