Hello, We’re Bertinet Bakery. And we’re on a mission to bring better bread onto every table.

Better For The Every Day

For too long, you could only find proper bread, like our sourdough, in bakeries. So we set out to change that. Our sourdough is baked in all shapes and sizes, from sliced loaves to bloomers, to suit every occasion and the best thing is, you can now find it on supermarket shelves.

Better For The Earth

We have a deep-rooted respect for the soil, the farmer and the miller. That’s why, where possible, we’ll always source local crops for grains that are naturally full of flavour and nutrition.  Just the way they should be.

Better For You

We choose a mix of grains and wheat to make our loaves, such as barley, spelt and organic emmer. Using a diverse blend of the best flours, we can achieve a greater depth of flavour and unlock their nutritional potential.

Think of it like an orchestra. The more layers you bring in, the richer and more interesting the sound. Except our instruments are the grains. And our symphony is loaf-shaped.

Made Better

Real sourdough is made with very few ingredients. We simply add water and a touch of sea salt to our flour – and that’s it. No artificial preservatives and no added sugars.

Then we bake. It takes instinct, soul and decades of hard-earned knowledge to make proper sourdough. We’re not constrained by time. There are no rules to follow. The bread will tell us when it’s ready – we just have to listen. Luckily, we speak sourdough.

We’re Bertinet Bakery. And this is bread, made better.

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