Real Sourdough, Made Properly

Our Sourdough is crafted in a totally different way to most modern bread.

Baked by our bakers in small batches, our real sourdough is made with the best flours, salt and water. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. And no additives.

The techniques and recipes our bakers use today have been handed down through generations. Sourdough begins alive and wild, and it takes patience and instinct to tame it. Nothing can be rushed, no corners cut.

But it’s worth it. Real sourdough is something special. Crusty yet soft. Deliciously chewy in all the right ways. This is bread, the way bread is supposed to taste.

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Award Winning

When we say our bread is better, don’t just take our word for it. We have multiple Great Taste Awards to our name and are the first bread brand to be accredited by the Real Bread Campaign.

Sliced Soughdough

We’ve shaped and sliced our sourdough loaves, making them easier for everyone to enjoy, everyday. This is sourdough crafted for the very best sandwiches & toast.

Soughdough Loaves

This is proper sourdough. Soft and crumbly, with a chewy texture and crunchy crust. Just the thing for tearing, sharing and dipping. Fill your table with friends and your plates with better bread.

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