Every one of our sourdough loaves is crafted by hand.  We bake with wheat, emmer, barley & spelt grains – each chosen for their depth of flavour and nutrition. Never with any artificial preservatives or added sugars. From our own hands to yours, these loaves are ideal for tearing, sharing and savouring with others.

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White Sourdough

Available in 500g

A chewy crust and a wonderfully soft dough, our White Sourdough is a versatile classic. A perfect, soft crumb and the right balance of sweet and savoury flavours combine to create a delicious loaf.

Seeded Sourdough

Available in 500g

Made with expertise and care, our Seeded Sourdough is nutty and rich with crunchy seeds generously coating each loaf. We add seeds and then we add some more, hand dipping the loaf into a tray of seeds to make sure every bite is packed full of flavour.

Traditional Sourdough

Available in 500g

A delicious blend of 4 flours, our traditional sourdough is both creamy and tacky. Sweet and nutty flavours work perfectly together, providing added depth to the flavour and elevating the savoury notes.

Olive Sourdough

Available in 500g

Hand dusted with flour, our olive sourdough is packed full of whole, green Greek olives to complement against the white sourdough flavour. Mixing rosemary into the dough releases aromatic notes with a savoury hit of salt, providing the perfect balance of flavours.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia

Available in 320g

Great for sharing, this traditional focaccia has a crisp, salty crust and a light, but chewy texture. Hand-sprinkled with rosemary, it’s the perfect pairing for a side of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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