Our sliced loaves are made properly with nothing but the best flours, water and sea salt – and never with any artificial preservatives or added sugars. We bake our sourdough with wheat, emmer, barley and spelt grains – each carefully chosen for their depth of flavour and nutritional value, to create a range of delicious and flavoursome loaves.

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Sliced White Sourdough

Available in 500g & 1kg

Our classic white sliced loaf is full of flavour and texture. With a distinct sourdough taste and a golden, chewy crust, this soft and moreish sourdough makes the perfect sandwich.

Sliced Malted Wheat Sourdough

Available in 500g & 1kg

Chewy, malted flakes top our soft and moreish malted wheat loaf as it perfectly balances sweet and savoury flavours. With a plethora of grains around the crust and through the crumb, our malted wheat sourdough perfectly balances the sweetness of the malt against the flavour notes of sourdough.

Sliced Seeded Sourdough

Available in 550g & 1.1kg

Full of nutritious seeds, including chia, millet, sunflower & brown linseed, our seeded sourdough loaf packs a flavoursome, nutty punch. With a generous amount of seeds in the deliciously tacky crumb and on the crust, this loaf makes a delicious background for your favourite fillings and toppings.

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