Our Bread

At the very heart of what we do is our bread. We only ever use natural, wholesome ingredients and ensure that they are the best we can find.  We never use flour improvers, processing aids or enzymes – ingredients that are often used to save time or increase shelf life.  Instead, we invest the time and skill needed to create real, honest bread that looks, smells and tastes amazing. 

We use traditional techniques, hand-moulding our loaves and proving them in linen-lined proving baskets.  Baking them directly on the oven floor or in the tin helps to create a delicious crust.

Our range of breads includes:


Our trademark sourdough loaf made slowly with our unique Bertinet ferment.  With a beautiful thick, caramelised crust, sourdough has a wonderful full flavour.  In our sourdough, the characteristic sour notes are mild and slightly sweet.  Unlike most breads, which are best eaten the day they are baked, a large sourdough can last for the best part of a week.
400g & 1.2kg

Sliced tin sourdough

Our new sliced tin sourdough range was launched in May 2016 to offer an alternative to commercial sliced tin loaves that contain additives and improvers.  The loaves are available in both White sourdough and a Malted Wheat sourdough and because they are sourdoughs last a little longer.  We have found them good for sandwiches at days 3 and 4 and for toast beyond this.  They are currently available in local Bath stockists and 6 trial branches of Waitrose (Bath, Cheltenham, Henley, Marlborough, Stroud and Westbury Park Bristol).  Look out for a national roll out coming in September 2016.   1kg

White & Malted wheat everyday loaves

Delicious straightforward everyday bread 400g tin, 800g tin and 800g bloomers


With a milder flavour than wholemeal bread, this spelt loaf with softened whole spelt grains has a delicious nutty flavour. 400g


The famous Italian slipper bread made with a biga and extra virgin olive oil for a characteristic light and airy texture. 300g


A delicious traditional white baguette made with fermented dough for a fuller flavour. 280g  

Levain & Levure

A tasty white loaf made with a smaller amount of yeast and some of our sourdough ferment to give a tasty crusty loaf. 600g

Provencal Olive & Lavender

A delicious loaf made with olives and a hint of lavender with the taste of the south of France. 300g

Rosemary & rock salt Focaccia

A classic focaccia with a sprinkling of rosemary and rock salt.  Perfect for dipping in olive oil. 300g

Raisin & Caraway Sourdough

Delicious eaten the first day of bake and then toasted a few days after. 400g

See our stockists page for details of where you can buy Bertinet Bread.  For wholesale enquiries please call 01225 445531.

Allergy Information

Wheat & Gluten

The vast majority of our breads contain wheat and gluten.  If you find processed breads difficult to digest or find you suffer from bloating we recommend dropping all wheat products from your diet for several weeks and then slowly reintroducing either one of our sourdough breads or our spelt breads as many people find they can tolerate these products where others cause them problems.

Our rye sourdough does not contain any wheat and may be suitable for those who are unable to eat wheat.

If you are a diagnosed Coeliac you should avoid all products containing gluten unless under medical supervision.  We have had examples of Coeliacs who have been able to eat our sourdough bread but please do not try this without seeking medical advice.  


Many of our products contain nuts which are widely used in the bakery.  Even where a product does not contain nuts it may contain traces of nuts and cannot be guaranteed nut free.

In addition to flour and nuts, we also use milk, egg and soya (in chocolate) in both our production bakeries and sesame in our London bakery so traces of these allergens may be present in our products.

Product information

Please ask any member of our team if you need more detailed information on any product as we are always happy to advise you.

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