• Bread made better,
    better for you

Meet our Resident Nutritionist Jenna Hope

We’re working with Jenna to look at the amazing health benefits of sourdough and debunk some of those myths about bread being unhealthy. Thanks to the unique fermentation process in sourdough, switching up from your regular loaf is good for your gut, bringing a whole host of benefits.

The fermentation process in sourdough breaks gluten down to make it easier to digest. Throughout the fermentation process of sourdough, enzymatic conversions occur to increase the solubility of gluten and adapt the activity of enzymes in the wheat. As a result, this can make gluten easier to tolerate in those who are gluten intolerant.

According to Jenna, upgrading your choice of bread to sourdough, as part of a healthy balanced diet, is a great way to support your gut microbiome: ‘Sourdough bread contains prebiotic compounds which are required to feed the commensal ‘good’ bacteria in the gut.’ Having a diverse range of good bacteria in the gut is central to various aspects of our health. This includes our immunity, skin, sleep patterns, and mental wellbeing.

Switching to sourdough is also a great way to incorporate a source of fibre into the diet. Jenna says: ‘In the UK just 13% of men and 4% of women are reaching the recommendations for fibre of 30g per day! The fibre in sourdough has been shown to reduce intestinal inflammation.

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